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Weight Reconciliation

It’s a very unique feature first time launched by Instaship for seller reliability. Weight Reconciliation that means every user can be change weight slab their shipment after shipping even after shipment picks up by courier.
  • Our sellers can be Shipped their orders more faster than other aggregator sellers for this features
  • This feature can reduce the seller's weight discrepancy because a seller can change the weight of their product once it has been picked up by courier

Multiple Shipping Partner

Employ a powerful courier network for your shipping goals with Instaship You can choose multiple Shipping Partner with pre negotiated rate & services all with just Instaship free account.

Low Courier Cost

With more than one courier partner, you get extra option to choose from our platform. You can now compare and choose the best shipping partner with the lowest price with Instaship

Expand your reach

Now all courier partners not cover the every interior pin codes. So you need multiple courier companies to cover more areas. Now there is no need to reject client initially based on remote pin code

Order Management

Manage your all Forward order, Reverse Order & Undelivered Order from One gateway.

Forward Order

Instaship dashboard is a single touch point between you & India's leading Courier Brand. So you can dispatch your order more proficiency.

RVP Order

RVP means Reverse Pick Up, if any customer of our seller want to return orders or exchange due to any reason seller can pick up this return product from customer home create a RVP orders.

Undelivered Order

Reducing your RTO (Return to Origin) for your undelivered orders and you can process your Non Delivery Report (NDR) quickly from our advanced NDR Management system.

Rate Calculator

Plan your shipment instantly with our Instaship rate Calculator.

No Monthly Setup Fee

Once you sign-up with Instaship , You can ship 27000 pin codes and Global destination (Coming Soon) with lot of facilities .
  • Multiple Pick up Location
  • Pick up schedule
  • Undelivered order management
  • AI Based Courier Recommendation
  • Label Manifest Generation

Maximum Insurance Coverage

Now no need to worry about your lost shipment. When you on boarding with Instaship, You can avail insurance for your lost Shipment up to Rs 5000.00 without any charges.

Multiple Pick Up Location

You want to dispatch your package from more than one location? Then please sign-up with Instaship. You can easily do this with us (Not required Any OTP).

COD Remittance

Your COD order will not block your money any longer, with our weekly payment system. You get access to your own money quicker than you think.


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